Why Are These Michigan Vandals Such Big Fans Of D-Generation X?

Let’s get acquainted with Harper Woods, Mich. It’s a moderately-sized suburb on the east side of Detroit, just along Interstate 94. If a news report from yesterday is to be trusted, it also has a problem with vandals who can’t quite seem to let go of the Attitude Era. Check out this footage from ABC affiliate WXYZ, suggesting that the DX Army is still up to their old tricks.

[protected-iframe id=”e9fc3f1beb21f544ef445409826fb151-60970621-19917426″ info=”https://v9.anv.bz/scripts/anv_mcp_9.js” ]

“Harper Woods police say the vandals hit a neighborhood near Eastwood and Woodcrest in the area of 8 Mile and Kelly. The eight vehicles vandalized last night were spray painted with the letters ‘DX.’ Victims were stunned when they found out what happened right in their own driveways.

…There is only a vague description of two suspects believed to be teenagers.”

Teenagers? Man, they didn’t even get the good version of DX. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this has anything to do with D-Generation X, but that’s a pretty distinct shade of green they used. If it looks like a Shawn Michaels prank, and it quacks like a Shawn Michaels prank, then I probably ended up mixing my metaphors. This actually came to my attention when X-Pac tweeted a photo of it and coyly denied any involvement.


I hesitated to post this for fear of giving these vandals more of the attention they’re obviously seeking, but we may have some readers in the Detroit area who can pass information along to the proper authorities. Remember, do not confront the individuals directly, and especially do not counterattack with NWO graffiti. We don’t want this escalating any further.