The Will Ospreay Vs. Vader Feud Moves From Twitter To Real Life This Summer

Okay, I feel like you know the controversy like the back of your hand at this point, so we’ll just give you the condensed version: Will Ospreay and Ricochet had a killer match during New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament, detractors isolated the “overly acrobatic” parts and accused the two of killing the business, and The Discourse™ reached nearly unbearable levels for a few weeks. Things have more or less cooled down now, but one of the match’s most vocal critics was Vader. You know Vader, he’s a westerner who ended up going to Japan and doing a few moonsaults of his own. Crazy how the past comes back to haunt us, right?

What you might not know about Will Ospreay is the fact that his exceedingly British banter is every bit as good as his imploding 450s. He and Vader have been jawing on Twitter ever since the match went viral, and finally Ospreay gave it the old “put up or shut up.” Here’s the thing, though… Vader went with “put up.” English wrestling promotion Revolution Pro made this official yesterday, and whoops, now the internet’s on fire again.

Hooooooooly crap. It feels like someone is shouting “WORLDSTAR” in my brain right now. Unpopular prediction: Now that this is a Real Thing Actually Happening in 2016, I think Vader just won this feud. I’m a vocal Ospreay fan, but Vader gets a free ticket to England and free reign to drop bombs on a kid less than half his age that’s been mouthing off at him. Rev Pro might have just signed off on a murder, you guys. Now that I think about it, Revolution Pro has kind of become the place for these cross-generational dream matches. Where else are you going to see Zack Sabre, Jr. versus Kurt By-God Angle?