Will Sasso’s Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart Is The Best Wrestling Impression You’ll Hear Today

In the wake of Darius Rucker doing a pretty good impression of the ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes comes this Instagram clip of comedian Will Sasso nailing a pissed-off, Attitude Era Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart. You may remember Sasso as the guy whose Stone Cold Steve Austin impression reportedly got Rowdy Roddy Piper kicked off Podcast One.

If you weren’t around in the ’90s, here’s the Hart promo Sasso’s emulating.

Hilariously, Bret Hart and Will Sasso have a decades-old working relationship. Hart once attacked Sasso with a chair during a “sketch gone wrong” on MadTV in 1999, culminating in a grudge match between the two for the honor of co-star Debra Wilson on WCW Monday Nitro. It ended with Wilson turning on Sasso and hitting him with a chair. No, seriously. Sasso returned to the wrestling world to guest host WWE Raw in 2012 as Curly from The Three Stooges dressed as Hulk Hogan — again, no, seriously — but Hart didn’t run out and blast him in the face with a chair like we were all hoping.

We’ll be back tomorrow with the, “Will Sasso’s Bret Hart impression got Bret Hart kicked off Instagram” post.