William Regal’s Neck Injury Is Keeping Him Away From NXT Takeover: London

A while back, we learned of William Regal’s spinal decompression surgery after he posted a picture of the post-op scar on Twitter. It was pretty hardcore, and I’m sure quite a few of us were thinking, “Okay, now rest up and get well soon so you can get back in the ring for one last match, maybe even at Takeover: London.” Well, in the words of his also-injured countryman King Barrett, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. Not only does it look like Regal is done in the ring for good, but his recovery after the surgery has hit some bumps in the road. He went back to Twitter yesterday to address his health and apologize to fans for missing the final days of NXT’s loop of the United Kingdom.

A lot of the responses to this are correctly pointing out that health is far more important than appearing at shows, so at least people seem to be taking the news well. It’s unfortunate, but the best we can do right now is to keep him in our thoughts as he returns to the United States for his follow-up. It’s doubly unfortunate for anyone who had tickets to Regal’s one-man show in Nottingham on the 17th, though. Entitled “An Audience with a Wrestling Villain,” the show ran for one date in Newcastle on December 9 before Regal had to cancel the remaining date. Eros Comedy, the promoter of the event, will be issuing full refunds and putting on a different show for anyone who already purchased tickets. Honestly, they could just play and hour and a half of Regal’s old WCW matches and it would probably be well worth the price of admission.