Check Out The Scary After-Photo From William Regal’s Neck Surgery

If you were one of the many hoping NXT’s upcoming tour of the United Kingdom meant general manager William Regal would once again come out of semi-retirement and step into the ring, we’ve got some bad news: It’s not happening.

His Lordship recently underwent a laminectomy, also known as decompression surgery, to remove the back part of the vertebra that covers his spinal canal. It’s meant to enlarge the canal and relieve pressure on the nerves. It’s also, barring any recovery miracles or changes to the linear passage of time, the formal end of Regal’s wrestling career.

He shared the following photo and statement on his Twitter, and if “check out the scary after-photo from William Regal’s neck surgery” wasn’t a clear-enough headline, the following image could be difficult to see, and reader discretion is advised.

On a personal note, William (and Lord Steven) Regal is one of my favorite pro wrestlers ever. The amount of knowledge, skill and humility this guy brought to the ring is indescribable, and I’ll be forever thankful for it. We wish him a speedy recovery, even if it’s just so his spine can feel good when he’s in his office deciding whether or not someone should get a freebie title shot.

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