With Leather’s Watch This: Is This Progressive Ad The Most Annoying Ad On TV?

I see this Progressive ad that features Flo and Michael Buffer about five times a day if I leave the TV on while I’m working, and every time that I hear Buffer’s trademark drawn out voice in the background, my skin crawls and blood boils as if someone is dragging the rustiest nails across a blackboard. So I found myself wondering earlier today, as I walked across my shanty to turn the TV off, am I alone? Or are there other people out there who scream to the heavens for the ability to change the channel by blinking whenever this ad airs?

Sorry for venting, but I’m a man of many questions. Mostly about insurance company commercials.

MLB: Dodgers at Cardinals – 7 PM ET on ESPN

My favorite thing about the MLB trade deadline was how the teams that are at the tops of their divisions that didn’t make any moves for the lackluster trade deadline names were considered automatic failures by the baseball media. Because any time you can trade a top prospect for $14 million of Jake Peavy, you do it!

CFL: Winnipeg at British Columbia – 7 PM ET on NBC Sports

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have a player named Marty Markett, and he does not, as it turns out, have his own cartoon on PBS.

WWE Monday Night Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

So the funny thing about writing these Total Divas recaps and joking about the feud between John Cena and Daniel Bryan as they date the Bella Twins is that I had no idea they were wrestling at SummerSlam. Obviously, the writers should change this match to a “Deed to the Manor” match with the winner getting the other wrestler’s house and being able to do whatever he wants with it.

Then the Bella Twins could run in with their own ref and pin both wrestlers to take both their homes and somehow their bank accounts. I figure that would save Nikki and Brie a lot of time.