With Spandex Episode 6: Derrick Bateman

With Spandex celebrates its milestone sixth episode by welcoming a very special guest, the second most famous man to wear an UPROXX network-related t-shirt in public, former NXT season 4 rookie and current WWE Smackdown superstar Derrick Bateman.

The timing couldn’t be better, as the epic 60+ week run of NXT Redemption has finally come to an end (with Bateman winning by default?). On the podcast we discuss some of Derrick’s favorite memories from the show, his experiences living and wrestling in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio, his “Indy No Mercy mod” of the greatest wrestling game of all time and cap things off with a dramatic reading of some Derrick Bateman fan fiction. At one point a guy on a really loud motorcycle drives by while we’re taping. It’s fun for everyone!

After you’re done listening, make sure to follow the Cadillac Of A Man @DerrickWWE, like him on his WWE Universe Facebook page and cheer for him when he shows up on TV, be it in a winning effort against Titus O’Neil or losing to the Funkasaurus in roughly a minute. Oh, and watch NXT. He’s an absolutely top-shelf future superstar and deserves your support. If you don’t agree, I’ve provided a few select videos in the notes section below.

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Podcast notes:

1. Derrick Bateman: Zumba Master, aka the funniest thing WWE’s uploaded in months.

2. We don’t talk about it on the podcast, but be sure to watch Derrick’s double date with Daniel Bryan and the Bella Twins, aka the funniest thing WWE’s ever done.

3. The full version of the “Flynn Heights” fan fiction we read from can be found here. Don’t go read it. Seriously, don’t.

4. Amazing “Wild And Young” cover theme by way of YouTube user softball10.