WWE Might Be Considering A Women’s Royal Rumble Match

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07.07.17 10 Comments

At this point in WWE, all bets are off on pretty much everything, all the time. British wrestlers are defending WWE championships on indie shows. Samoa Joe is fighting Brock Lesnar in a pay-per-view main event. And women in WWE are getting more and more firsts all the time.

WWE obviously still has a very long way to go with the entire women’s division (talkin’ about stuff like representation and presentation here, mostly), but just in the past couple of weeks we’ve seen the first (two) women’s Money in the Bank ladder match(es), and Raw was main evented by a nearly 30-minute women’s gauntlet match.

Oh yeah, and we’re still ramping up for a 32-woman wrestling tournament that will be a big part of WWE Network programming this summer.

The women’s MITB match is something that’s been speculated and rumored for a long time, and when Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair had a Hell in a Cell women’s match as the main event of a PPV, it was probably only a matter of time before it finally went down. Now, HOW it went down is another story altogether, but it happened! And now we suddenly have rumors that the women might get a chance to take on another beloved gimmick match.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there has been “at least talk” about WWE presenting the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match at the 2018 Royal Rumble PPV. Obviously, this would be huge, as there might not be another match type that fans universally love more. It also wouldn’t take up all that much space on the PPV, due to the much smaller roster in the women’s division.

Purely speculation, but I’d imagine they’d go with either a 15- or 20-woman Royal Rumble on the card, using women from both brands and some surprise call-ups or returns. Just like the men’s Royal Rumble! Obviously I fully support this idea, and welcome any situation where I get to watch more Royals Rumble each year.

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