WOW’s Razor Describes Her Journey From Wrestling Fan To Wrestler (Who’s Still A Fan)

02.03.19 5 months ago


Razor made her first appearance on the most recent episode of AXS TV‘s WOW Women of Wrestling with an ominous promo. She later appeared at ringside to support Fury, her associate in the Psycho Sisters, a goth-punk girl gang straight out of an ’80s movie, and get involved with her match with EDM-personified wrestler Chantilly Chella. So far WOW viewers have only briefly seen Razor in action, but independent wrestling fans might already be familiar with her work various promotions as Sarah Wolfe, manager to Tyler Bateman, or know her as one of the hosts of the Women Wrestling Friends Podcast.

With Spandex talked to Razor about her lifelong wrestling fandom, the WOW training school, and more. The conversation is below and has been edited for length and clarity.

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