The Location Of WrestleMania 33 Has Officially Been Announced

Sorry, Minnesota.

The location of 2017’s WrestleMania 33 has been a hot topic of conversation, from U.S. Bank Stadium claiming they definitely had the show to the rumors that WWE would rather have it somewhere warm. And less braggy? There’s nothing WWE hates more than someone announcing something they wanted to announce first.

The city of Orlando issued the following press release for a “Major Event at Orlando Citrus Bowl,” and while the release doesn’t explicitly say it’s WrestleMania, it may as well.

The news conference will outline the event which is expected to draw visitors from around the world to the Orlando area for a week of activities. Information provided will include the potential local economic impact of the event and the international exposure that will be created for Orlando. The event’s organizers will join Governor Scott, Mayor Dyer and Mayor Jacobs for the announcement.

Also, less subtly, there’s this:

So there you have it. WrestleMania 33 is coming to Orlando, the home of NXT, so we can assume Mania comes with one hell of a TakeOver special. The last WrestleMania in the area — WrestleMania 24 — is one of my favorites of the era. Here’s hoping they can live up to Flair/Michaels, Edge/Undertaker and CM Punk winning Money in the Bank.