The Undertaker’s Pyrotechnics Set WrestleMania’s Stage On Fire


We may have just seen the last walk The Dead Man will ever take in the WWE, and it’ll be hard to forget because The Undertaker took a page out of his brother Kane’s book and nearly burned down the house.

After ‘Taker slowly (so slowly) got up following his loss to Roman Reigns, he took off his hat, gloves, and jacket to signify his possible retirement after losing for the second time at WrestleMania. His iconic music played, the lights went dark, and ‘Taker made his way up the ramp (slowly) until he raised his hands, causing an explosion of pyrotechnics. It was pure Undertaker, a showman, and legend until the end. Unfortunately, the pyro started a small fire on the ramp and staging area that spread rather quickly.

Thankfully, the fire was put out by a hustling worker with an extinguisher before anything got too serious. This was close to, but not a repeat of Undertaker’s pyrotechnics mishap that injured multiple people at the same venue at WrestleMania 24. It’s unknown if anyone is injured or if that massive plume of smoke was headed towards the crowd, but it seems like we made it out not incident-free, but at least pyrotechnic injury-free.