WWE Announced The First Musical Performance For WrestleMania 34


WrestleMania 34 is a month away and while we await the Smackdown portion of the card to be filled out at Fastlane, other details about WWE’s biggest night (day, too, now that it’s like an 8-hour show) are being set in stone for April 8 in New Orleans.

WrestleMania isn’t just about the wrestling any more, to the chagrin of some, as it’s now a spectacle that leans into WWE’s declaration of being the leader in sports entertainment. WWE likes to capitalize on that entertainment part by bringing in special guests and musical performances from those not usually connected to wrestling.

On Monday, we learned the first of those, as Chloe x Halle were announced as the performers that will sing “America the Beautiful” at the show.

Chloe x Halle will surely not be the only musical artists on the program, but they are the first to be officially announced by the company. Many older fans (as in, not kids or teens) will probably not know who Chloe x Halle are, but they are a sister duo that got signed to Beyonce’s label in 2014 and have a massive following on YouTube. Those credentials with the younger audience and an audience that probably doesn’t see a ton of overlap with that of WrestleMania is precisely why they’ve been chosen to maybe attract a few more and different eyeballs to wrestling’s grandest stage.