Here Are The Latest Backstage Reports About What To Expect At WrestleMania 36

There’s only about six weeks left until WrestleMania 36, and we’re getting a better idea about what the card is going to look like. New backstage rumors, which in this instance seem pretty plausible, add a couple of other matches we can look forward to, as well as other hints of the larger shape of the card.

According to the Wrestling Observer, AJ Styles is expected to face the Undertaker, which we saw hints of on Monday’s Raw. The plan is for John Cena to have a match with Elias, who he shared a segment with at last year’s Mania, in which the Doctor of Thuganomics returned to diss Elias.

The matches that are definitely on the WrestleMania 36 card are Charlotte Flair versus Rhea Ripley, Edge versus Randy Orton, Shayna Baszler versus Becky Lynch, Drew McIntyre versus Brock Lesnar, and Roman Reigns versus the Fiend. Meltzer says there will be several women’s matches on the card this year, with a Tag Team Championship match, a Smackdown Women’s Championship match, and the usual Women’s Battle Royal in addition to the two matches already confirmed. There has been talk about six women’s matches, but nobody seems to know what the sixth one would be, especially since Ronda Rousey is not expected to appear.

There’s no Triple H match planned, which ought to cut at least an hour off the card.

Goldberg is not currently planned for WrestleMania either, although it’s possible that Vince will decide to have Goldberg beat the Fiend for the Universal Championship at Super Showdown, which would lead into a match with Roman Reigns.