WrestleMania Is Dropping Numbers In Its Branding Because Numbers Make You Old

WWE’s going through a serious midlife crisis.

The latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio reports that there’s a “play” logo where the 31 should be in the WrestleMania 31 logo because WWE’s dropping numbers in its Mania branding. Why? Because Vince McMahon says numbering the events makes WrestleMania seem “old.” Vince McMahon, the man obsessed with the prestige of his signature event and spearheading an initiative to throw everything young under the bus.

These are the logos for WrestleMania 31 and 32. As you can see, no numbers anywhere. It’s WrestleMania Play and WrestleMania Star. Maybe we can call it WrestleMania S and make it sound like a Sailor Moon series.

If WrestleMania 33 goes to Philadelphia, will it be WrestleMania Liberty Bell?

So what’s the answer for WWE’s weird ageism problem? Do they want to be fresh and young or a storied institution? Did Vince finally get around to watching a bunch of Hardy Boyz matches and decide he has to live for the moment? Will it get bad enough to have a show called WRESTLEMANIA NOW? So many questions.