Wrestling Fans Had A Field Day After Kevin Durant Picked The Warriors

07.05.16 3 years ago 7 Comments

Thunder Shield

While it may not be the Chosen and Most Pure Sport like the action inside the squared circle, a lot of wrestling fans love the NBA. Despite its lack of Tyler Breeze and angry skeleton ninjas, professional basketball still has its share of heels, angles, and shocking swerves; in a moment that makes Curt Hennig turning on the Horsemen look like dumb baby stuff, Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant has basically done his best Bagwell, signed with the nWo, and beat up poor Scotty Riggs. The smoke on Twitter in the aftermath hasn’t exactly cleared.

And while a lot of NBA purists are in a state of shock and not sure how to react, wrestling fans know exactly how to handle things: With hilarious gifs.

First, you can practically hear “Voodoo Chile” playing while Thunder fans throw garbage (ironically, probably on WCW Thunder) …

And I guess even the NBA has a few Jannettys.

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