Wrestling with Death Recap – Caskets and Hip Tosses

Hey funeral friends, it’s time for another double shot of Wrestling with Death, featuring more of Derrick being squeamish and a potential new member of the Mid-South Championship Wrestling roster!


There’s a charity show for a Boys and Girls club coming up, so the MCW crew start going over potential gimmick match ideas to bring in more fans. The L.A. Hustlers, out of Luxora, Arkansas, suggest a casket match, but LaFonce doesn’t like mixing funeral home and wrestling aspects. LaFonce says he’ll do a “box match”, where the loser is placed in a box, but everyone knows it’s a casket.

Chris is the latest body to come into Wilson Funeral home, and he’s unfortunately suffered a lot of decomposition prior to being brought in. His skin’s kind of green, so it will be a tough job to make him presentable at the service, but Jerry will try to touch him up.

Sandra thinks picking up the children for the show in a limo is a good idea, but her step-daughter, Tonya, isn’t a fan because that doesn’t raise money for the kids. Finally, some family drama in this reality show!

LaFonce and the L.A. Hustlers are at a local radio station to promote the benefit show. During the broadcast, one of the Hustlers, Lamont, challenges Big Daddy and White Lightning to a casket match. LaFonce isn’t happy, but he goes along with it on air because he felt like he was backed into a corner.

Jerry’s having problems with Chris due to the green tint of his skin. Jerry’s trying to cover it with makeup, but it’s not easy to fix. Ultimately, it’s decided that Chris will have a closed casket funeral.

MCW manages to raise over $7000 for the Boys and Girls Club, partly due to the casket match, which helped sell a lot of tickets. In the main event casket match, Big Daddy and White Lightning manage to put away the L.A. Hustlers, to the joy of the crowd.


It’s a busy week at the funeral home, and Bubby is embalming bodies, digging graves, and dressing bodies, keeping him very occupied.

The ticket sales from last week’s MCW show is pretty low, so LaFonce needs more faces on the roster (Everyone that works for the funeral home is a face), so Jerry suggests Bubby, who has never before shown an interest in wrestling. LaFonce explains that Bubby has always been a loner, and sometimes stays past midnight at the funeral home, embalming bodies.

At family dinner, Jerry gets a death call, so LaFonce sends Derrick with Bubby to start the process of preparing the body. Derrick, of course, simply cannot handle touching a dead body and freaks out.

Derrick starts putting Bubby through his paces in the ring, showing him how to lock up, hip toss, and throw some chops. Bubby has fun, but he’s nervous about doing it in front of a crowd.

At the Friday MCW show, Big Daddy and White Lightning get jumped by the L.A. Hustlers, prompting B-Extreme Bubby to make the save. After two devastating hip tosses, Bubby clears the ring and becomes a hero to the children.

Come back next week as Max and Harry take Derrick into the woods and he freaks out over touching a leaf, probably!