Wrestling with Death Recap – Mousetraps and Concussions

Welcome to Wrestling with Death, the new WGN reality series about a family that splits time between running a funeral parlor and mortuary service in a small Arkansas town with running a wrestling promotion in that same town.

The Cast

LaFonce – “Big Daddy”, founder of Mid-Southern Championship Wrestling, owner of the Wilson funeral home
Sandra – wife, “Ms Sandra”
Tonya – daughter, office manager
Jerry – Tonya’s husband, funeral manager, “White Lightning”
Derrick – Son-in-law (Married to Jamie, Sandra’s daughter, LaFonce’s step-daughter), “Derrick King”
Bubby – LaFonce’s son, does 95% of the embalming
Max – LaFonce’s grandson (Parents are Jamie and Harry), “Mad Max”
Harry – Max’s father, “Serpent”


Sandra stopped wrestling after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Now she’s cancer free and LaFonce wants her to get back in the ring. LaFonce is already advertising the return of Ms Sandra.

Derrick is a wrestler first and hates the death-aspect of the Latham family. There’s an empty prep room, so Jerry and LaFonce decide to prank Derrick with the old “fake dead body on the embalming table” trick.

Next, it’s time to knock some ring rust off Sandra. She proceeds to beat the shit out of LaFonce, but in doing so, throws up from exhaustion. After a funeral, Max and LaFonce present Sandra with some new gear that pushes her over the edge to wrestle.

Ms Sandra will make her return against Peaches n Cream, which is Harry in drag, because of course.

There’s also a mouse trap match between Big Daddy and “Tommy Drama”, again, because OF COURSE. Big Daddy wins by slamming a rat trap into Tommy’s junk.

Meanwhile, in Ms Sandra’s match, she accidentally pulls off Peaches n Cream’s mask and wig during an attempted monkey flip. Sandra beats Peaches n Cream with a sidewalk slam and she doesn’t even barf, so everything’s fine, yay!


Sandra is concerned that Harry is going too hard during practice, especially after he takes a headbutt from Tommy Drama. It looks like a standard worked headbutt to me, but what do I know?

Max is joining LaFonce at the levy to check out the cattle. Max has several pets, including a raccoon, a fox, and some goats. After learning how much money can be made in cattle, Derrick shows some interest in getting his own herd of cows

Harry calls up Sandra and tells her that he’s been feeling dizzy, so Sandra gets really concerned for Harry’s brain health. Sandra drives Harry to the doctor, but Harry doesn’t want to be there, since he doesn’t want any bad news. The doctor tells him to avoid contact for a week, but Harry is concerned about disappointing his fans, especially since he’s the heavyweight champion.

Down at the levy, Derrick is working with LaFonce and Max to shoo cows around.

Sandra tells LaFonce that the doctor doesn’t want Harry on the card, but LaFonce thinks Harry can make up his own mind.

Now it’s time to go to the livestock auction and buy some cattle! Derrick gets a few cows of his own.

It’s the night of the weekly show, and Sandra wants Harry taken off the card. LaFonce asks Harry, who of course is determined to get in the ring and wrestle. I don’t understand why he can’t just cut a promo, but again, what the hell do I know. LaFonce makes the call to pull Harry from the card, and things go fine with Harry sitting in the crowd with Max.

Come back next week, it looks like there’s going to be ~DRAMA~ as a tag team goes against LaFonce’s wishes by mixing the funeral home with the wrestling business by stating MCW will feature a Casket Match!