Wrestling With Death Recap: Rassle In Peace

Hey friends, it’s finally here, the final two episodes of the first season of Wrestling with Death! In case you’ve missed the first ten episodes, I commend you, but here’s some stuff you missed:

Derrick King has recently married into the Latham family, and while he’s a good wrestler, he’s also a “city boy” and a “diva”, so he’s not suited to working at a funeral parlor or the country life of Osceola, Arkansas. Ms. Sandra returns to the ring after a bout with breast cancer, and Big Daddy LaFonce participates in a mousetrap match. There was some worry that Harry would be kept out of action due to a concussion, and he does end up having to sit out on Friday night. There was a casket match, which pissed off LaFonce since he hates mixing the funeral home and wrestling businesses together. He does coerce his son, Bubby, into the ring to perk up ticket sales as the mulleted embalming specialist is said to be a hit with the ladies.

Ms. Sandra wants to feature more women’s wrestling, but there’s no local talent to be found, so she scrounges up some ladies from Illinois who are super terrible. Sandra then heads to Derrick’s home promotion to turn heel on him and basically incites a riot, in true southern wrestling tradition. MCW enters the realm of the worked shoot as Harry and Derrick battle in a Husband-in-Law match that fools everyone, and young Max enters the ring for his first spot. There was also a lot of dead people, but that is way gross.

On to the final episodes!


– The episode starts with Sara, a recently deceased woman. She’s an organ donor, and her eyes were used, so that means the funeral home crew needs to put in eye caps to fill her empty sockets and make things look natural. Pardon me while I shudder for twenty minutes.

– LaFonce is trying to come up with new ideas to keep the crowds coming, which is hard when you’ve been putting on a weekly show for over 20 years. His big plan is to book KOKO B. WARE! Hell yes!

– Sandra thinks that in addition to the MCW arena getting a makeover, the whole roster needs to slim down. Time to throw the junk food in the trash and start eating vegetables, how horrible.

– Max doesn’t know why Koko B. Ware needs to come to MCW since they’ve got Max. And now I really hate that kid.

– Under the ring is a disaster, including a barb wire-wrapped hockey stick, apparently from the early “fans bring the weapons” days. I’m sure someone brought a possum at least once.

– After a mad scramble to get the arena ready, everything is painted and looking decent for Koko B. Ware. Of course, the show ends with Big Daddy and Koko beating the sh*t out of the L.A. Hustlers. Those poor, poor dudes, they are my Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum of terrible local wrestling.


– It is LaFonce’s 65th birthday, so that means CLIP SHOW!

– We get some highlights, like all the times Derrick was made a fool of, and the time Bubby hip tossed his way into MCW’s hearts as B-Extreme. Amazing memories of wonderful times.

– Then there was the time Ms. Sandra returned to the ring to take on Harry in a mask.

– I will admit, I did get worked by the Husband-in-Law match

– Oh look, it’s Derrick coming to the dinner table, dressed in Ms. Sandra’s Captain America-inspired jumpsuit. That’s certainly a thing to do.

And that’s it. Wrestling with Death is done, at least for this season (I hope it’s only one season). If Wrestling with Death does return for another season, I’d like to see more on the local wrestling side of things. Maybe see if MCW can bring in Dump Matsumoto to wrestle Ms. Sandra or something. I’d like that.