WWE 205 Not So Live 7/3/18 & 7/10/18: Return Of The Mack

07.31.18 11 months ago

Hey guys, we’re still playing catch-up. Head injuries have no respect for the schedules or deadlines, so I truly appreciate you sticking with it, even if you disagree wildly with me sometimes (all the time?)! Part two of playing catch up finds us adrift in a sea of cruiserweights with Penelope the Piñata no longer anchoring us to shore. Does the era of 205 Live being the one show that makes sense and also totally rules end with her tissue paper body being torn to shreds? Not with a bang but with me quietly whimpering ‘Noooooooo!’ at my laptop? Welp, I guess there’s only one way to find out!

Before we do, though, I’ve gotta make our usual plea to use those ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons to let everyone know this column is still kickin’, albeit slowly and with more effort than usual. We’re digging up, stupid!

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Since we’re getting caught up, I’m going to attempt a Coles Notes version of these two episodes so we can hustle through to the remaining two in a separate column. This is in part to make it easier for everyone so you don’t have to slog through eight thousand words about which Muppet Immanuel Kant would liken Mustafa Ali to* or whatever tangent my brain gets on, but also because no one wants to spend any words talking about TJP. And there’s so much TJP y’all. So take my hands, boss, and join me as we go back in time to the very, very recent past!

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