Check Out 19 New ‘WWE 2K16’ Wrestlers And Brock Lesnar’s Intimidating Entrance Video

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It’s Monday, so here we are once again with another big chunk of newly announced wrestlers for WWE 2K16. This week, we have 21 “new” names, although two of them, Aiden English and Simon Gotch, were stealth announced last week. So, really, we only have 19 completely new names, but hey, that’s nothing to sneeze at. Here’s this week’s roster additions

Andre the Giant, Batista, Chris Jericho, Curtis Axel, Dean Ambrose, Edge, Erick Rowan, Fandango, JBL, Luke Harper, Macho Man Randy Savage, Natalya, Rick Rude, R-Truth, Ryback, Santino Marella, Sargent Slaughter, Stephanie McMahon, The Rock and The Undertaker.

Well, certainly some heavy-hitting names in this group, although The Undertaker and The Rock being in the game are hardly shockers. Personally, I’m most excited about the debut of Stephanie McMahon in full leather battle gear. Hopefully they’ve balanced the game so a single backhand or disapproving stare from Steph crumples all the other Divas.

Here’s Brock Lesnar’s Paul Heyman-accompanied entrance

Hmmm, Brock’s looking a little off, although I can’t really blame the guys at 2K Games for that. They’re going for realism with WWE 2K16, and Brock Lesnar is one of the least realistic human beings alive, so I can understand things going slightly awry.

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