Check Out ‘WWE 2K16’ Create-A-Superstar And Match Details, A New Schwarzenegger Promo And More

WWE 2K16 arrives in just a bit more than two weeks, and details about the game continue to spill out as we near the release date. Cheat Code Central recently went hands-on with the game, and revealed a few interesting tidbits, including all the match types available in the game. This year, match options include tag, tornado tag, triple threat, Fatal 4-Way, six-man, handicap, falls count anywhere, Iron Man, submission, Extreme Rules, table, no holds barred, last man standing, ladder, TLC, steel cage and Hell in a Cell.

Moving on to Create-A-Superstar, your options will include 105 hairstyles, 12 eyebrows, 80 facial hair configurations, nine kinds of eye makeup, four lipsticks and 10 marks and scars for male characters, and 35 hairstyles, six eyelashes, 15 eyeshadow types, 45 piercing options and six lipsticks for female characters. Of course, these are just the options for your character’s face/head, but it gives you an idea of how much deeper things will be this year. Unfortunately, it seems as though you can’t use male elements on female characters and vice-versa, which is a drag, because the female creation tools are more limited for whatever reason.

Finally, in Arnold Schwarzenegger being wacky news, you can check out a new video of him shilling WWE 2K16 above. Also, we have a new Goldust vs. Stardust match for you below.

WWE 2K16 hits shelves on October 27.

via Cheat Code Central