‘WWE 2K16′ Unveils Its Final 23 Wrestlers, And Enzo Amore And Big Cass’ Entrance Video

Well, folks, it’s the end of the line for the WWE 2K16 roster reveals. Man, what am I going to post about on Mondays now? Er, I mean, too bad this exciting WWE 2K16 information is coming to an end!

This may be the last roster update, but it may also be the best, as it’s packed with unexpected names…

Big E, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Baron Corbin, Bray Wyatt, Brian Pillman, Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Konnor, Viktor, Mark Henry, Mikey Whipwreck, Ricky Steamboat, Rusev, Savio Vega, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Sting (late ’90s version), Sting (’80s version), Stunning Steve Austin, Undertaker (American Badass version) and Undertaker (Ministry of Darkness version)

Okay, so a few repeated characters, but most of those repeats are pretty awesome. Steve Austin from when he had hair! Ministry of Darkness Undertaker! Also, The New Day, Enzo and Big Cass and Mikey goddamn Whipwreck! Could this be a sign we might be seeing more classic ECW characters as DLC? If I end up being able to play as Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka in a WWE game, I will consider my life complete.

Here’s Enzo and Big Cass’ entrance…

Video-game technology is still too SAWFT to properly render Enzo Amore, but they gave it their best shot. The roster updates may be done, but we’ll have more information on WWE 2K16 for you as we approach the game’s Oct. 27 release date.

(Via IGN)