Watch The Seth Rollins Vs. Sting ‘Night Of Champions’ Main-Event Simulated In ‘WWE 2K16’

Just can’t wait for Seth Rollins vs. Sting for the WWE Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions? Well, you can now watch the match in virtual form thanks to WWE 2K16. Sadly, the guys at 2K Games don’t provide an ending to match, so we don’t know who the development team is rooting for, but it sure looks like Seth Rollins was about to pull off the win with the Pedigree. You can check out the Rollins/Sting match above.

While we’re at it, here’s Divas Revolution outcasts Natalya and Eva Marie fighting it out in a submission battle.

Also, for those wondering whether 2K16’s afro tech is up to par, here’s a brief clip of Haku applying the dreaded Tongan Death Grip to Mankind.

How do you think the WWE 2K16 is shaping up now that you’ve seen a solid chunk of match footage? Still a few too many finicky meters popping up on screen for my tastes. I just want to mash buttons to break up a pin! Is that too much to ask? That said, the action does look a bit faster and more fluid than the turgid WWE 2K15. Also, Haku’s in the game, so it’s probably something you should support. WWE 2K16 comes out Oct. 27.