Watch The First ‘WWE 2K16’ TV Spot And A Simulation Of Undertaker Vs. Lesnar At ‘Hell In A Cell’

WWE 2K16 is almost here, so that means 2K has cooked up a new TV commercial for the game, and it’s a surprisingly moody number. A variety of WWE superstars past and present — Stone Cold, Sting, Seth Rollins, Paige and more — gather around a bonfire and burn objects that remind them of the feuds that still haunt them. Austin throws in Mankind’s mask, Sting tosses in Triple H’s sledgehammer, Paige throws in Nikki Bella’s Fearless hat (lol) and so on. Hopefully everybody gets a chance at the bonfire. Adam Rose can throw a mascot bunny head in, and Hornswoggle can chuck Torito in. Not Torito’s mask, just straight-up throw Torito in.

In other 2K16 news, we now know the identity of all the game’s managers. Managers are considered separate from the game’s 120+ character roster, so until now, we weren’t sure who was included in the game. Thankfully, YouTube channel Smacktalks went hands-on with WWE 2K16, and reports Paul Heyman, Paul Bearer, Bobby Heenan, Brad Maddox, Lana, Rosa Mendes, Gerry Brisco, Jimmy Hart, Col. Robert Parker, Pat Patterson, Sherri Martel, two version of Mr. McMahon, Corporate Stephanie McMahon, Miss Elizabeth, Ted Dibiase and Zeb Colter are in the game.

Not a bad lineup, although where’s Lou Albano? The elastic band tech just too hard to get down? Also, why is Brad Maddox a manager? If I had to guess, WWE told 2K to take him out when they were half-done programming his moves, so they just snuck him in as a manager.

Finally, here’s this Sunday’s big Undertaker vs. Brock Lensar Hell in a Cell match simulated in WWE 2K16, courtesy of YouTube channel Sports Gaming Universe

WWE 2K16 arrives in one week on October 27.

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