Explore The Limits Of ‘WWE2K18’ Create-A-Superstar Mode By Watching Snake Man Take On Little Dad

Last month, Bill Hanstock and I got the privilege of traveling up to Novato, California to visit 2K Games and take the brand new full build of WWE 2K18 for a spin. If the thrill of being two of the first people to play the completed game and create our own superstars in the loaded up create-a-superstar mode to square off one-on-one for WWE Bragging Rights™ wasn’t enough, we got to do it in a building with Big Daddy and Little Sister statues in the lobby. That’s crazy. I wish their offices were underwater, or in the sky.

But yeah, here’s part one of our two-part dive into the game, featuring our incredibly Freudian CAS choices. I made an enormous snake man and Bill made a little weird guy and named him “Dad.” I think we need to see a psychologist after this.

The good news is there are lots of tiny improvements to gameplay mechanics and lots of BIG improvements, like how the game looks and sounds and feels. Also, you can put Naomi’s glow on pretty much anything you want in create-a-superstar, so hold on to your butts for the 8-foot tall snake man with glowing Bull Nakano hair.

Stay tuned for part two, where we find out which of our creations emerges victorious