‘WWE 2K18’ Will Feature Big Changes, Including An All-New Announce Team

07.05.17 11 months ago 21 Comments

2K Games

NOVATO, Calif. — Last week, 2K held a development summit at their headquarters, attended by a good cross-section of WWE 2K gamers, reviewers, and fans. After kicking off the summit by reading some of the less-favorable reviews of WWE 2K17, executive producer Mark Little and developer Lynell Jinks took some feedback from the people in attendance, and recommendations on what they, the fans and players, would like to see in future installments of WWE 2K.

Little made it clear that they hear and listen to all of the criticism of the games, and that they have an ongoing community feedback project that keeps tabs on what fans are unhappy with, particularly when it comes to the official community forums. They’ve even hired a community specialist who is responsible for cataloguing fan issues and complaints and working with the players directly.

The centerpiece of the summit, however, was a presentation about some changes, overhauls, and features players can look forward to in WWE 2K18, even though the game is still four-plus months from launch and has a long way to go before it is ready for delivery.

The presentation stated that the focus of WWE 2K18 from a developer standpoint was based on three areas: realism, creating the most comprehensive WWE experience ever, and a focus on multiple man and woman mayhem.

A whole new career

One of the largest complaints about WWE 2K17 — both in the room, and in the reviews and online feedback — was the repetitive nature of My Player and My Career. The My Career mode in WWE 2K17 was seemingly endless, with no clear rewards and no clear reason or incentive to continue playing. 2K promises a new My Player experience in 2K18, with new progression and upgrade systems that are designed to foster repeat gameplay.

The My Career mode will be shorter, with branching options and experiences. It will also introduce character archetypes with Fighting Styles, where you will determine if your create-a-wrestler will be a technician, a flyer, a giant … and these choices will put clear restrictions on what your character is and isn’t capable of doing within the game.

The promo engine — which left a lot of players disappointed last year — will be revamped, and there will be a free-roaming backstage. The backstage area will be three times larger than previous installments of the game, with a lot more interactive objects in the environments. Sadly, Little did confirm that there would be neither a House of Horrors nor a Wyatt Family Compound to stumble upon.

While not part of My Career, the WWE Universe mode will have an expanded, rewritten story system, so that storylines can persist through pay-per-views, can overlap, and more. The Universe mode is also expected to fully support the brand split, so you don’t have to worry about assigned wrestlers crossing the streams, so to speak.

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