WWE 2K19’s Daniel Bryan Showcase Mode Trailer Features Some Surprises


When WWE 2K19 announced a Daniel Bryan showcase mode featuring his entire rise, fall, retirement, and return to WWE, they weren’t kidding. The latest trailer highlighting the mode was released on Monday, and … yeah, it looks like it’s all here, from an NXT Season 1 match with Chris Jericho (!) to even the less talked about Daniel Bryan greatest hits, like Miz breaking out the Nigel McGuinness lariat in their United States Championship match and the Yes chants on top of the cage after foiling the Wyatt Family in a garbageman jumper.

Check it out:

Some things you might’ve noticed:

  • the 18-second WrestleMania 28 match against Sheamus is there, which means AJ Lee has to be in the game, at least in a NPC capacity, doesn’t it?
  • while we don’t see it in the actual gameplay portion of the trailer, there’s a shot of Bryan in Ring of Honor. Does that mean we’re getting a Ring of Honor ring and venue? If we’re tackling his return to the indies in 2010, can we get the ECW Arena from 2K18 repurporsed with Chikara logos? Dragon Gate USA? An Evolve arena sounds like a lay-up, but can we also have the NWA Legends Fanfest? Playable Scrap Daddy, please!

Sheamus has the mohawk in the WrestleMania 28 footage, though, so we’re probably out of luck on all of that, but hey, it still looks pretty fun. It’s also a harrowing reminder of how many times Daniel Bryan lost matches compared to how many he won, so maybe we’ll just pull a Breaking Madden and have him win everything until the game changes its mind.