The Latest Commercial For ‘WWE 2K19’ Says ‘Never Say Never’ To Surrealism


You’d think a game with Big Head Mode, a Wyatt Family compound yard fighting arena, the ability to cel-shade everything on a whim, and appearances from both 1980s street clothes Ric Flair and 2018 pro wrestling Ronda Rousey wouldn’t even have the ability to be weirder, but here we are. 2K released the latest commercial for the upcoming WWE 2K19 entitled ‘Never Say Never,’ and it answers the question, “What would happen if Renee Magritte joined WWE’s production team?”

Highlights include Rey Mysterio with Holo Decoy powers, Ronda Rousey on Piper’s Pit, Charlotte Flair replacing her dad in a painting a la Dorian Gray, The Miz with the reality gem (?) and a command of disappearing and reappearing televisions, and of course Jeff Hardy becoming one of his own drawings. Check it out below:

As we’ve been told by developers directly and in interviews, there’s a big focus on easing up on the simulation aspect of the game and refocusing on making the game “fun” again, which is (at least to us) a welcomed change. The time we got with the game was a lot of fun — even if you can’t get on the Ghost Tractor on the House of Horrors stage and run people over — and we can’t wait to play it more. And for someone to make Tommaso Ciampa in create-a-superstar. And Neville.

While you watch this commercial, imagine a WWE offshoot brand that takes the best ideas of Lucha Underground, adds WWE’s budget and production know-how to it, and builds a wrestling show out of people who cry green ink and explode off their t-shirts when they flex.