WWE Backlash 2019 Was Canceled For A Frustrating Reason

04.21.19 4 months ago

WWE Network

Did you notice that the WWE PPV advertised during WrestleMania 35 was Money In The Bank rather than Backlash and think that was odd? The writer of this article who was very aware Backlash was coming up in June because she lives within driving distance from San Diego, where it was scheduled to occur on June 16, and was thinking of going to it sure did!

Per a report by California wrestling publication SoCal Uncensored, Backlash 2019 wasn’t advertised because it was canceled. According to the website’s sources, this cancellation occurred because WWE’s next event in Saudi Arabia was moved to June 7 from a previously scheduled date unknown to the public. Much like the Saudi government is hard on women’s rights activists, arresting fourteen in the past month, having PPVs nine days apart would be hard on the WWE schedule.

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