Bayley Makes Her WWE Main Roster Debut At Battleground

When Bayley — arguably the most beloved NXT Superstar of all time — didn’t get selected as one of the six NXT picks in last week’s WWE Draft, there was a lot of fan grumbling. Bayley appears to be on a collision course with current Women’s Champion Asuka at NXT TakeOver: Back II Brooklyn during SummerSlam weekend in August, so it seemed unlikely that Bayley would be on WWE television until after that event. That all changed on Sunday night during the Battleground pay-per-view, when Bayley made her surprise debut, much to the sheer delight of the Washington, D.C. crowd.

Bayley was revealed as Sasha Banks’ Battleground partner for her tag team match against WWE Women’s Champion Charotte and Dana Brooke, which was the first match on the main Battleground PPV. Banks had teased that she had found the “perfect partner,” and who better than her longtime arch rival and fellow member of the vaunted NXT “Four Horsewomen,” Bayley?

Fans should temper their excitement, however — always something that wrestling fans have a totally easy time doing — because With Spandex sources believe this surprise appearance is a one-off for the time being. Bayley’s full-time call-up will arrive at a later date. My best guess — based on absolutely nothing other than how wrestling generally works — is that it will happen at some point after SummerSlam weekend.

For now, just enjoy the fact that Bayley is officially an in-canon WWE main roster thing. WACKY WAVING ARM INFLATABLE TUBE MEN ON PAY-PER-VIEW!