‘Bella Brains’ Is Possibly The Greatest Thing On The Internet

Anyone who’s ever watched a single episode of Total Divas (or Total Bellas) knows that a big part of the Bella Twins’ dynamic — and hell, even a big part of their charm — centers on their lifelong bickering about the most banal and obvious things. In the past, they’ve taken up time on various WWE-produced shows arguing about whether a seal is a fish, or what an odometer is called. (Brie’s guess: “spemometer.”)

So when the Bella Twins launched their own parallel YouTube channel to the WWE’s normal stream of YouTube content, it was likely only a matter of time until someone figured out a way to turn the Bella Twins’ … let’s just say “unique grasp of the universe” into an ongoing series.

That person appears to be Daniel Bryan, and the show is called “Bella Brains.” Bryan separately quizzes Nikki Bella at Smackdown tapings and the extremely pregnant Brie Bella at their home, and the two common-knowledge subjects are intercut for maximum enjoyment. It’s like Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, but with 100 percent fewer Jeffs Foxworthy and 100 percent more Bella Twins f*cking stuff up. In short, it’s nothing less than a sheer delight.

There have been three installments thus far, and they’re all absolutely worth your time. The first installment was about vocabulary, as Bryan asked the Bellas what “hyperbole” means, and then bonus points if they could spell it. It went exactly as well as you would expect.

The second installment was about world geography. Bryan asked the Twins how many oceans there are on Earth, and it’s like a slow-motion train wreck watching Nikki talk herself out of “Arctic” (which would be a correct guess) and into “Nortic” (which isn’t a word in the English language).

And this week’s third installment turned to CURRENT AFFAIRS, as Bryan asked both Bellas to name the three branches of government. Brie dives in with “Legistration” before second-guessing herself and thinking he’s looking for “Republican, liberal … ” and I assume, “the other one.” Even after she gets told “Legistration” isn’t a word, SHE KEEPS GOING BACK TO IT. I told you this was the best show, didn’t I? I love it so much.

Please oh please let this series continue forever, and possibly become a real television game show, like with the dramatic Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? lights and sound cues. Nothing would ever make me happier.