The Big Show Revealed He Is In The Final Year Of His WWE Career

Dolphins fan and longtime WWE Superstar Big Show recently stopped by 790 The Ticket in Miami, right after attending some preseason NFL camps as an eager spectator. The former multiple time champion hasn’t been on WWE television much lately, but he’s been busy with his Special Olympics ambassadorship and is doing his part in hyping a match against Shaquille O’Neal at next year’s WrestleMania.

In between talking about a lot of football, his acting career and a whole lot else, Big Show confirmed that he’ll be winding down his wrestling career soon. More than that, he put a definitive timeline on it. He’s trying to get in the best possible shape he can and is working hard with a trainer, because this will be his last year and he will retire at some point after WrestleMania in 2017.

“I’m looking forward to … You know, I’m got that big match coming up with Shaq. So I’m looking forward to making my last year — trying to go out, athletically again, with a bang. I feel better now … I’m 44 now — I’ll be 45 in February — but I’m telling you, I feel better now, at 44, than I did at 34.”

Big Show, like Mark Henry, is at the end of an extremely long and storied career, especially for a big man. He started his career way back in 1995 with WCW, so he’ll have wrestled over the course of 23 years when he hangs up the boots next year. That’s a long career for a baseball player. It’s an eternity for a nearly 500-pound professional wrestler.

Speaking of which: Show revealed he’s working on getting down to 400 pounds and is currently around 429, down from 465 not too long ago. It’s good that he’s focusing on getting in shape as his career is winding down and he’s heading toward one final, massive marquee matchup at WrestleMania. Let’s hope his match against Shaq is half as good as his match against Floyd Mayweather was, and is less toward the Akebono end of the scale.

Also, holy crap, I wonder what sort of scale Big Show weighs himself with. Probably not the ones you can buy at Target. Maybe he just goes to the truck scales.

(h/t to 411Mania)