WWE’s 10 Blackest Moments Of 2015

WWE really turned a corner in 2015 when it comes to portrayals of minorities and women. For my whole life, I’ve come to expect the most racist, denigrating portrayals of people of color (and women and poor white people and…) every time they’re on TV. But this year, we saw some really worthwhile black characters on TV who are reflections of me and the people I hang out with. It’s been great.

With that said, I wanted to highlight a few of the moments* that made me feel a connection or sense of pride as a person of color when watching WWE. So, these moments aren’t the best moments featuring black wrestlers (because, obviously that’d be Sasha Banks vs. Bayley). Instead, they’re the blackest moments. The moments I identified with the most. The moments I saw Twitter relate and connect. These are the moments I’ve waited my whole life as a wrestling fan to see. So, let’s enjoy and hope this list is 50 items long next year.

*I put a cap on how many New Day and Team BAD moments because they could really be the whole list. So, I said no more than five for them.

Booker T Compares John Cena To Bernie Mac On Live TV

Booker T is so near and dear to my heart. King Booker is a top five character of all-time and his overall career has been about being great when he wasn’t supposed to. For some reason, he’s not allowed to show his natural charisma and hilarity on commentary, but when he’s doing these pre-shows, he’s off the charts.

At the 56-minute mark of this video, Booker drops the greatest reference on the WWE Network, comparing John Cena to Bernie Mac’s character on Mr. 3000. If you don’t know, Bernie Mac is one of the greatest comedians of all-time, but not a guy I imagine Vince McMahon has ever heard of. The reference is random and the best part is Booker T’s pride after he mentions it. It’s like he bet the guys he’d say it and was happy he got it on the air.

The Suplex City B*tch Song

Brock Lesnar turned “Suplex City B*tch” into its own thing just by being a caveman and it was beautiful. The best part, though, was this remix of the song over Tyga’s “Rack City,” which means I can pretend that Tyga’s version never existed. Because Tyga is literally the worst rapper in human existence. Brock Lesnar calling someone a b*tch over a rap beat? Yes, please.

Kevin Owens Saves Hip-Hop

During the whole #BlackLivesMatter movement, there’s been a discussion of the place of “white allies.” Where do white people fit in supporting a movement bent on toppling an oppressive system that they ultimately benefit from? It’s admittedly difficult at times for white people to find out their place in supporting the cause.