What WWE Needs To Do To Make Their New Brand Extension A Success

06.09.16 3 years ago 39 Comments

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The original brand extension was one of the most ambitious and unique things WWE ever attempted, but sadly, it never really lived up to its potential. Raw and Smackdown never felt distinct enough, the reason for the split wasn’t clearly defined, and in the end the whole enterprise went out with a whimper instead of a bang.

Thankfully, WWE has announced they’re going to be taking another crack at the great brand extension experiment, which means they have a chance to fix the many mistakes and oversights that sunk the idea the first time around. There’s still plenty of time between now and Smackdown going live on July 19 in which to make changes, so here’s a few ideas that just might ensure the new brand extension extends forever…

Take The Randomness Out Of The Draft

Let’s not pretend Triple H can’t go wherever he wants. 

During the original brand extension era, the WWE Draft was always the most exciting, and disappointing, night of the year. Exciting because it inevitably shook things up in a big way, but disappointing because it in no way resembled any real-life sports draft. It was purely random, and basic shocks and swerves were as deep as the drama went. So, how should the WWE Draft be changed? Hold onto your butts, I’m breaking out subpoints…

– The Draft should follow the lead of the NBA, NFL and other legit leagues and focus strictly on new NXT talent.
– Each brand should actually be able to choose their talent, rather than it being randomly assigned.
– Draft order could be decided by a series of matches, or something of that nature.

I know WWE doesn’t like to explicitly state the importance of its performers – everybody’s a WWE Superstar and of equal worth to the company! Except, of course, they’re not, and everybody knows it. By giving the WWE Draft a real-sports edge, you grant yourself so many more opportunities to create drama. Somebody who’s drafted late can rise up to defy the odds, while a first-round pick may fall on hard times or resort of nefarious methods to live up to people’s expectations. If WWE has the courage to do the Draft right, a richer product will be their reward.

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