Spike Dudley Once Accidentally Asked Vince McMahon For Weed At 3 a.m.

If you watch WWE Network‘s Story Time (we are aware that you do not watch WWE Network’s Story Time), you might be familiar with a story from the second episode which involved Bubba Ray Dudley, Shane McMahon, a drunk-as-hell Spike Dudley, and a late-night/early-morning phone call to Shane’s father, Vince McMahon.

But the version that aired on WWE Network was, of course, edited for all-ages consumption. You can see a clip of the portion that was edited right here, where it appeared that an intoxicated Spike Dudley went on an extended profanity-laced rant to Vince:

But thanks to Bubba no longer being under contract with WWE, we can now hear the entire story. TMZ caught up with Bubba and asked him what the whole deal was. He was happy to tell the tale unfiltered.

“So, Spike, is in the back, drunk, high, who knows. Shane goes ‘Hey wait, Dad, say hello to Spike.’ Spike thinks we’re prankin’ him, so, Spike goes, ‘Ey, Vinnie Mac, you got any kind buds?’ and Vince goes, ‘Hello, Spike.’ Spike threw the phone up against the windshield, it shattered, and we just kept on drivin’. So, the fact that we woke up billionaire Vince McMahon at three in the morning is pretty funny.”

Nothing is funnier to me than a wrestler asking Vince at three in the morning where that dank-ass sticky-icky is. KIND BUDS. Good lord, Spike. Even IF you think it’s a prank, you probably want to hedge just a smidgen.

(h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript)