Christian Seems To Be Officially Done As A WWE Performer

During his tenure as a full-time WWE performer, Christian was one of the best hands WWE had. A gifted storyteller in the ring, Christian will probably be best known for his tandem with Edge, forming one of the best tag teams in the history of the company. He was a great singles competitor, too, having some fantastic matches with Randy Orton in the twilight of his career.

Christian hasn’t wrestled since March 2014, when a concussion sidelined him. Due to his history of concussions — we are talking about a man who took some nasty bumps during the TLC matches in the early half of the 21st century — he hasn’t set foot in the ring in a performance capacity for quite some time. Now, it seems like that door to his performing career has shut, as Christian’s in-ring contract has ended, and WWE is not renewing it. He’s just one of several performers who have been let go from their contracts.

This doesn’t mean that Christian and his peeps are disappearing: he’s still a regular on The Edge and Christian Show on the WWE Network. This just means that we’ll likely never get to see him have a farewell match unless he does something on the indies. Christian had one hell of a run that includes multiple tag titles, the World title, the Intercontinental title, and even the short-lived Light Heavyweight Championship.

(via Wrestling Observer Newsletter/Wrestling Inc.)