Cody Rhodes Reveals The Original Plans For His WWE Feud With Goldust And Rematch With Stephen Amell

Cody Rhodes has been anything but shy about his time in WWE since he left the company. In his statement revealing why he left, Rhodes primarily cited creative differences with WWE, and how they did not want him to drop his Stardust character and go back to being Cody Rhodes.

Now, Rhodes is speaking out even more so, as he prepares for his big-time summer matches on the indy scene in places like EVOLVE and PWG. Rhodes was a guest on The Ric Flair Show recently, and the two former Intercontinental Champions chatted about Rhodes’ feud with his brother, Goldust in early 2015.

Rhodes said that despite rumors of them having a match at WrestleMania, the plan was always for the two to wrap up their feud at FastLane. Unfortunately, the crowd for that match was dead and it didn’t turn out how either of them assuredly would have liked, and Rhodes told Naitch it was one of his biggest regrets from his time in WWE. (Transcription via WrestlingInc.)

“It was never intended to be a WrestleMania match. Fastlane (2015) was it. I was in the ladder match in [WrestleMania 31] for the Intercontinental Championship. I had been informed as such. No, it was never meant to be beyond Fastlane. The way I look at it, Fastlane was a total dud. It was a total dud and people think, ‘oh, well, the finish got screwed up’. The finish didn’t get screwed up. The match just sucked and it’s just one of those nights where I kick myself to this day about it.”

Rhodes also revealed even more about his feud with Stephen Amell. It certainly looked for a time like the two would have more than just the one tag match they had at SummerSlam last year, and Cody revealed that that indeed was the case as they were supposed to wrestle again at Hell in a Cell. Interestingly, Rhodes said that the match was supposed to come with the caveat that if he lost to Amell, he would have to go back to being Cody Rhodes.

“And then, there was supposed to be another match. We had practices scheduled and we were going to be at Hell In A Cell and that match was supposed to be the end of Stardust. It was supposed to be, ‘if Stardust loses to The Green Arrow, he’ll return as Cody Rhodes.’ And when that didn’t happen, that was one of the first, the first, kind of kick in the balls for me.”

Despite the fact that they were never able to continue their feud in the WWE, Rhodes and Amell will work together again, as the former WWE superstar has been cast in season five of Arrow. 

(Via The Ric Flair Show, WrestlingInc)