Noam Dar Is The Latest WWE Cruiserweight To Suffer An Injury

From established main eventers like John Cena and Randy Orton, to new-gen superstars such as Seth Rollins and Neville, his time last year it seemed like half of WWE’s main roster missed WrestleMania due to injury. Luckily, this year’s WrestleMania card appears to have been assembled injury-free, but there is one corner of the roster that has been plagued in recent months — the guys stepping through the purple ropes.

First, Tajiri went down with a knee injury in January. Then, Rich Swann injured his foot in February. Not to be outdone, Cedric Alexander also hurt his knee earlier this month, and is slated to be out for three to five months. Now, Alexander’s foil for the past few months of 205 Live, Noam Dar, has also been sidelined with an unidentified injury. According to Dave Meltzer at The Wrestling Observer, the injury was sustained during Dar’s match with Austin Aries from this past Monday’s episode of Raw. Meltzer says Dar will be examined by WWE doctors this Sunday before WrestleMania to see the extent of said mystery injury.

Whatever it is that’s currently ailing Noam Dar, we at With Spandex wish him a speedy recovery. There’s nobody better at saying “Alicia Fox” than him.

(h/t Wrestling Inc.)