Curt Hawkins Says He’s Never Been Busier Since Returning To WWE

Curt Hawkins hasn’t been used a whole lot on weekly WWE television since returning to the company for the Smackdown brand. He had a fun run of not debuting before finally dropping some matches to Apollo Crews, and has popped up in battles royal here and there, but you’d be forgiven if you assumed Zack Ryder‘s former partner wasn’t being used a whole lot.

That’s just on television, though. Sometimes fans tend to forget that the wrestlers are usually working live events the other four or five days of the week. And with the split brands both touring different loops and running their own live events with smaller rosters, there are a whole lot of people who are wrestling a whole lot of days out of the year.

Hawkins elaborated on his current schedule during a recent appearance on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast. According to him, he’s working the most hectic schedule of his career.

“For sure the busiest I’ve ever been. Comparable to the Edge run that I had, but I would say even more busy. I know it may not seem like it because I’m not on every episode of SmackDown, but I’m always there; at least the Dark Match when we were obligated to with WWE Main Event during its SmackDown obligation, and I’m on the road Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at the Live Events wrestling, so I’m constantly doing something even though a lot of fans are mumbling about it because they only watch SmackDown, but if they were to attend Live Events they would see me, so I’m really busy.”

He also took a moment to good-naturedly call out former WWE employee JTG when talking about how he works hard at not losing interest in being a professional wrestler.

“We used to bust balls, like JTG would literally hide and hide in catering and collect his $500 and be perfectly fine with it. I understand it and I don’t; if you love it so much, when the highs are highs and the lows are lows, and people just get checked out. I refuse to check out, but as long as I am in a match or anything on television I will do anything. If you tell me I’m on the show I’m going to go out there and do it to the best of my ability. I would never not want to participate.”

Poor JTG.

Few wrestlers are as publicly jazzed about actually being a pro wrestler as Hawkins and Ryder have been throughout their careers. I’m glad he’s keeping busy and is still energized about his career and placement. So get out to some live events if you have a chance and see all those Smackdown wrestlers you don’t get to see on TV. It sounds like they’re having a good time.