Members Of D-X Offer Thoughts On The Death Of The Man Who Sang Their Theme Song

On Sunday, Chris Warren passed away at the age of 49. He was best known as the lead singer of the iconic entrance themes for D-Generation X and X-Pac, as well as Triple H’s “My Time” theme, which was positively inescapable during that period.

Following Warren’s passing, three members of D-Generation X have offered their public condolences and gratitude to his family via social media.

As Waltman attests, the D-Generation X theme did indeed contribute to one of the consistently loudest ovations of the Attitude Era and remains one of the iconic entrances of that time, with the entrance video intercut, strobe-light-like, with the stable making their way to the ring. Despite how much you liked D-X, hearing Warren’s “BREAK IT DOWN” is likely to inspire some serious nostalgia in you.

Warren remained active in both music and wrestling. He created themes for TNA as recently as 2008, then returned to WWE in 2009 to record new vocals for D-Generation X’s updated theme, used when the stable was just made up of Triple H and Michaels (and Hornswoggle, of course).