Watch WWE Superstar David Otunga Go Through A Vigorous ‘Motherf*cka’ Acting Lesson

WWE Superstar David Otunga has proven he’s more than capable when it comes to being in front of the *dramatic Jenna Maroney voice* cameraaaaa, but filming his new movie Katrina has presented him with his greatest acting challenge yet: the “M-Bomb.”

Otunga posted a video to Facebook of him running his lines on set with costar Lance Nichols (you may know him better as the River King from AMC’s Into the Badlands, and discovering that his delivery of the word “motherf*cker” is…well, a real motherf*cker to nail. Note: this obviously contains NSFW language:

What to know how I’m spending my day? In “Muthaf–ka” training. It appears my @harvardlaw background has made me a bit too proper. (@lanceenichols It turns out he’s family too. Small world) #KatrinaMovie #ActionHero

I couldn’t love poor wholesome, Ivy League-educated, Carlton-ass real-life lawyer and dad David Otunga giggling over saying swears more. He clarifies as the video goes on that technically he’s not cussing because he’s saying motherf*ckA instead of motherf*ckeR. You don’t go Hard R (for reasons expanded on in the video that I’m definitely not qualified to transcribe).

Otunga is currently delaying his Raw announcing debut to film Katrina, the story of “edgy DEA agent James ‘World’ Lawson” which, let’s face it, is already enough of a selling point. I expect at least ten minutes of exposition on his nickname and not a second less.