Edge Doesn’t Think He’ll Have ‘The Greatest Match Ever’ With Randy Orton At Backlash

This Sunday at Backlash, Edge and Randy Orton will have their second match since the Rated R Superstar came out of retirement, and according to WWE, it’s going to be “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.” Will it actually be the greatest wrestling match ever? In a recent interview with ESPN, Edge says he doesn’t think so.

When asked about the upcoming match’s moniker, Edge replies that what is considered the greatest of any work of any kind of art is subjective:

I’ll preface all of this with saying there’s no such thing as the greatest match ever. You’re not going to be able to say definitively, what is the greatest song of all time? What is the greatest painting of all time? What is the greatest movie of all time? What is the greatest band of all time? It’s impossible because there’s no general consensus. You can have great matches, but what is the greatest is going to be different to almost everybody.

Here’s how Edge describes his initial reaction to finding out how his Backlash match would be promoted:

I just laughed because I didn’t think it was serious. Then I realized fairly quickly it was. Then my reaction was, is this wise, because anytime you say something the greatest ever beforehand, you’re setting yourself up for failure. And I don’t ever want to think that way. I need to think the opposite of that. I can’t control the court of public opinion. I need to do and be proud of the work that I put in.

He later adds, “All I can do is take it as if this is all just a bonus and in a weird way, a compliment. Or it’s a giant rib. I don’t know.” But whether it’s a rib or a compliment, Edge doesn’t think the match should be promoted this way.

This shouldn’t even be happening. Let alone for the company, and let’s call it straight, Vince, to think that he can bill this the ‘Greatest Match Ever.’ Would I have preferred they not billed it as that? Absolutely. But I also know there are times where heels get dug in the sand and there’s no changing it.

Though he has issues with the match’s promotion, Edge is positive about other aspects of his feud with Orton, saying “I’ve been given a lot of freedom, in terms of writing my promos and in terms of storyline.”