WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 Results

Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Elimination Chamber results. The show featured NXT Champion Kevin Owens against U.S. Champion John Cena, and an Elimination Chamber match decided a new Intercontinental Champion after the belt was previously vacated by Daniel Bryan.

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Elimination Chamber 2015 results:

1. Elimination Chamber WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day (c) defeated Los Matadores, Prime Time Players, Cesaro & Tyson Kidd, The Lucha Dragons and The Ascension. The Ascension eliminated the Lucha Dragons with a Fall of Man on Kalisto. PTP eliminated the Ascension when Darren Young hit Viktor with a gutbuster. Cesaro set up for a Big Swing on Titus O’Neil, but got caught with a roll-up eliminating him and Tyson Kidd. New Day eliminated PTP with a Trouble in Paradise on O’Neil to retain.

2. WWE Divas Championship Match: Nikki Bella (c) defeated Naomi and Paige. Nikki pinned Naomi after hitting the Rack Attack.

3. Champion vs. Champion Match: NXT Champion Kevin Owens defeated U.S. Champion John Cena. Cena hit Owens with a lariat. Cena tried to come off the ropes but got caught with a pop-up powerbomb for the win.

4. Neville defeated Bo Dallas. Bo tried to hit the Running Bo-Dog, but gets caught with an enzuigiri. Neville wins with a Red Arrow.

5. Elimination Chamber Intercontinental Championship Match: Ryback defeated Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, Sheamus, King Barrett and R-Truth. Barrett is eliminated after a superkick from Ziggler and a Lie Detector from R-Truth. Ryback eliminated R-Truth with a Shellshock. Mark Henry is eliminated with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. Sheamus then eliminates Dolph Ziggler with another Brogue Kick. Ryback defeats Sheamus with a Shellshock for the win.

6. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins (c) by disqualification. After the ref was knocked out, Dean Ambrose hit Seth Rollins with the Dirty Deeds. Another ref ran in and counted the pin on Rollins. Lillian announced that Dean Ambrose won via disqualification. Seth Rollins retains, and J&J Security try to take the belt back. Roman Reigns superman punched Seth Rollins, speared Kane, and then Superman punched J&J Security. Seth tried to attack Ambrose but ended up taking a backbody drop to the floor. Ambrose and Reigns left through the crowd with the belt.