The Smackdown Tag Titles Changed Hands At WWE Elimination Chamber


The Smackdown Tag Team Championship match at WWE‘s 2019 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view match wasn’t an easy one to predict. Though the champions were technically “Best in the World”, the challengers, the Usos, are a very accomplished and popular tag team. However, some fans thought a recent incident in Jimmy’s personal life might mean they were losing. However, everyone could see the unlikely tag team success story of the Miz and Shane McMahon had to end sometime. After tonight’s match, it looks like that time could be coming up pretty soon.

The Miz went into the match on a positive note right after he and his wife/reality show co-star, Maryse, announced they will be having a second baby.

In the ring, the Miz and McMahon held their own with their five-time champion opponents, and McMahon pulled out some of his signature, risky leaps. But when he attempted two coast-to-coast dropkicks back-to-back, the second was blocked in mid-air by a superkick.

Later in the match, a diving elbow drop by McMahon to Jey Uso on an announce table put both men out of commission. The Miz was left to finish the match in the ring. It looked like he might put Jimmy away after a Skull-Crushing Finale, but the Uso countered it into a pin to win the match and make he and his twin brother six-time tag team champions in WWE.

The Miz helped McMahon out of the arena after their loss, but freaked out at his partner later in the show as he was receiving medical attention backstage. McMahon convinced “Mike” to “chill out” and leave the room, but it still surseemsm like this team could implode soon.