Erick Rowan Might Return To WWE Television This Week

It’s possible that you haven’t thought about Erick Rowan since he got put on the shelf with a shoulder injury way back in October. But the genius, award-winning vintner, and by all accounts solid dude has probably been thinking about nothing except getting back in the ring. And now it looks like he may be back on television as soon as this week.

According to PWInsider, Rowan is set to be be at this week’s Smackdown tapings. (And yeah, in case you forgot, Rowan is on the Smackdown brand. Still!) Rowan was once again allied with Bray Wyatt when he went down with his injury, so it’s possible that he will once again return to the Wyatt Family as some much-needed muscle for Bray.

After all, Bray is heading into a WrestleMania 33 match against ultimate betrayer and corpse-desecrator Randy Orton, so it makes sense that he might need someone that he KNOWS he can count on. And who in the world has been more dependable over the years than Erick (shorthand for “electronic Rick”) Rowan? Absolutely nobody. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, Erick Rowan gotta take pinfalls for the Wyatt Family.

All kidding aside, we’re glad Rowan has mended and will be back soon. There should always be jumpsuits in wrestling.