WWE Made The Best Use Of Facebook Live Yet With This Chaotic Brawl

The main event of Saturday night’s live show from Portland, Oregon saw Samoa Joe cheat to retain his championship over Finn Balor. However, that wasn’t the last interaction of the night between the two top NXT stars. They later engaged in a near four-minute brawl which saw the entire locker room (even Shinsuke Nakamura!) come out and try to separate them.

On a normal occasion, this would have been a great moment for the live crowd to see to close out the show, but the rest of us would only be watching it through YouTube fan videos uploaded the next day. However, WWE smartly was one step ahead and decided to broadcast the entire ordeal on Facebook Live.

WWE has a pretty good track record of being in tune with social media (Tout experiment aside), and this was another example of that as showing the brawl on live was a great way to increase their social media presence.

From a storyline perspective, WWE.com caught up with a pissed off NXT general manager William Regal after the brawl, and he said that he would be addressing both the champion and challenger in the performance center on Facebook Live once again at 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Furthermore, Regal said his announcement will have implications regarding the scheduled main event of the next TakeOver special.  So, if you can sneak away from your desk for a few minutes on Tuesday morning, that will certainly be worth a watch.