Cesaro Proves He’s Also The King Of Shoving Donut Holes In His Face

If you haven’t been following along with “WWE Game Night,” it’s been a delightfully joyous few weeks of short videos where Heath Slater and different WWE randos go around and play games like Twister, Pie Face and dodgeball against each other. In some ways, it’s a spiritual successor to The JBL and Cole Show, but in more accurate ways, it’s just a great excuse to watch your favorite and most underrated and underexposed WWE personalities goof around and make fools of themselves. Everybody wins!

In the latest video, Heath Slater takes Renee Young, Viktor, referee John Cone and Cesaro to Donut King in Kansas City to see who can cram the most donut holes into their face, Chubby Bunny style. It shouldn’t be a spoiler, but Cesaro absolutely destroyed this competition. Make sure you stick around for the reveal at the end of who didn’t get a chance to participate.

I would like to request that from now on, every YouTube series feature Cesaro calmly walking in and eating everything in the room without ever changing his expression or removing his sunglasses. Don’t worry about his figure, though, because everything that enters Cesaro’s system is instantaneously transformed into lean protein.

Don’t ask how it works. It’s probably a Swiss thing.