WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall Is Sending Himself Back To Rehab

Following what appeared to be a drunken relapse at an independent wrestling show in New Jersey, Scott Hall has announced he will be checking himself into a rehabilitation facility:



Hall has a long, well-documented struggle with addiction and depression. Fans have rallied behind him in recent years, helping fund his hip-replacement surgery and subsequent recovery with fellow pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. Much like WWE legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Hall seemed to flourish under Page’s influence. In the ESPN E:60 documentary, Stephanie McMahon said that they spent more thanĀ $100G trying to help Hall, “the most money we’ve spent on anyone.”

There is no shortage of people willing to help and support Hall through this next battle against his addiction, though anyone who has dealt with depression or alcoholism knows that alone can sometimes not be enough. We wish Hall all the best, and hope that the help he had sought out is what gets him back on the path to health and happiness.

(Via ESPN)