WWE Finally Revealed What The #Hatch Was All About

For the past week, WWE’s Twitter account as been promoting the mystery of the #Hatch. If you missed it, it’s … well, a bunch of pictures of a hatch. Here’s an example:

Some fans thought it meant the debut of a new character, the return of Bray Wyatt, or even the return of Bray Wyatt alongside a new character. Maybe Sister Abigail’s been hanging out in a hatch?

If you guessed, “it’s about a video game,” give yourself a gold star.

If you pre-order the upcoming WWE 2K17, you get former WCW and WWE legend (Bill) Goldberg. Goldberg hasn’t been around because he’s … been in a hatch!

As you might imagine, wrestling fans hoping for a big mystery reveal weren’t happy to learn that it was just for a commercial. Pro wrestling’s been doing that for years. Remember Chucky harassing Rick Steiner in WCW? It didn’t go over well.

That said, it’ll be fun to recreate WCW’s late 90s glory days in a new WWE game. Maybe we’ll get Kronik DLC and a cattle prod as an under-the-ring weapon.

Oh, and here’s the most important tweet of the night:


Let’s hope Goldberg will keep pressing that button every 108 minutes until WWE 2K17 is released.