WWE Invited Michael Sam To Appear On Raw, Because We Guess That Has Something To Do With Wrestling

Michael Sam has been invited to next week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

The story, in case you need a refresher: Missouri defensive end Sam was drafted 249th overall by the St. Louis Rams. He’s gay, and became the first openly gay player on an NFL roster. People were extremely upset about that. No matter how well or badly Sam played during the preseason, the focus fell on asinine shit like how comfortable his teammates were in the shower. Ultimately he was cut from the team, because either “his play didn’t warrant a spot” or “the Rams chickened out,” depending on who you ask.

Please note that I did not type “WWE” or “pro wrestling” during any of that.

Still, WWE’s inviting the guy on their show with the offer of an open mic. Via WWE.com:

Former St. Louis Rams defensive end Michael Sam has been invited to participate in an open forum on the Sept. 8 edition of Monday Night Raw in Baltimore. Sam, who was named the 2013 Southeastern Conference co-Defensive Player of the Year, became the first openly gay player to be drafted to the NFL last spring, when the Rams selected him as a seventh-round pick. Despite impressive play in the preseason, Sam did not survive the Rams’ final roster cuts over the weekend and was not named to the team’s practice squad as many believed he would.

Should he accept the invitation to come to Raw next week, Sam will be given an open microphone to discuss his journey thus far, his experience in the NFL and any hints as to his future plans. Will the groundbreaking athlete accept the invite? And if so, what can the WWE Universe expect Michael Sam to say?

I assume Sam’s reaction will be, “what?” and moving on with his life, but we’ll keep you updated. Maybe he’ll show up and have his speech about life and hardship interrupted by a bull midget ramming him in the butt with his mask-horns.